Dasha Rush // Evigt Mörker // The Long Count Cycle

November 23, 2019

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DASHA RUSH  Music has been at the core of Dasha’s life since a very young age. The Russian-born producer and DJ progressed her career when she moved to France and created her own label, Fullpanda records where she also develops her more experimental side on her sub-label Hunger to Create. She pushes and expands the boundaries of sound and often experiments with other forms of art by collaborating with dancers and painters. In her strange and twisted world, the machines are the protagonists of a neo-romanticism, weaved with human dreams.

EVIGT MÖRKER  Swedish producer and DJ Evigt Mörker was exposed to techno at an early age through the illegal rave scene in Stockholm. There was a dire need for a platform for DJs and parties in Stockholm, so the identity and label Evigt Mörker came to be. His sets show a different side to him than his releases, they are far more forceful and energetic, powerful rhythms pulse through the dancefloor and captivate the crowd.

THE LONG COUNT CYCLE The Long Count Cycle is a New York based DJ/live duo of DJ Scallywag and Mr. Blacklauren, occupying a very unique space in the NYC techno community.