Daniel Avery // Rachel Noon


September 27, 2019

DANIEL AVERY ■  Avery's music has evolved since the days of “Drone Logic” and he has explained that right now he is especially interested in those moments in the club in which the outside world becomes practically an inconsequential thought, such as A distant universe. That's where the English seem to operate right now, a space in which, in addition to the vibrations of the track, textures that are more typical of the ambient are also especially important. A novelty in the sound record of an artist who dominates the ins and outs of the track like nobody else.

RACHEL NOON  Noon who began crafting her sound in the 90s, credits New York’s underground queer dance scene for her accelerated growth over the last few years. As the founder of the queer, trans and non-binary focused platform Large Marge, she has become a pillar in the scene where her roots lie. Noon is also resident of Unter. Her sets focus on creativity and structure while pushing the boundaries of sound.