D.Dan // Peachlyfe // TT

July 30, 2022

Berlin’s D.Dan is a DJ who effortlessly resolves contradictions: fast but sleek, hard but elegant, raw and refined. Whether on his own original productions for Lobster Theremin, remixing artists like LSDXOXO or DJing at tastemaking hubs like Possession, Mala Junta and Berghain, D.Dan brings a mutant spin and tight control. Copenhagen’s Peachlyfe is a perfect fit: Their EP “All Tits are Real, All Money is Fake, All Hail Satan,” stands as a testament of their anarchic sensibility. Their genre-mashed sets are woven with a through line of manic, high-tempo techno designed for full delirium induction. TT fills out the lineup. The multidisciplinary artist draws from their background in fashion to weave together slamming percussion, angular synths and, in their own words, “cunty chants.”