November 9, 2019

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 CXEMA Cxema is Ukrainian independent cultural organization. Cxema parties are representing the new wave of rave culture in Eastern Europe. Emerging during difficult times in Ukraine, the underground parties provide refuge on the dance floor for a young generation of creatives to have their own freedom.

Cxema Backstage is a showcase, which gathers the most exciting Ukrainian artists and musicians from all over the world to represent Cxema’s musical approach in other countries.

VOIN ORUWU (LIVE)  Dmitry created the Voin Oruwu project after deciding he needed a soundtrack and visuals for his post-apocalyptic story. He is a visual thinker who fuses together technology, science and art from a cinematic perspective.

HYPERAKTIVIST  At an early age, Hyperaktivist co-founded the first club dedicated exclusively to electronic music in her hometown in Venezuela. Now, she has taken her talents overseas to MESS (Mindful Electronic Sonic Selections), a club in Berlin with a focus on women and transgender artists where she is a resident and organizer. She is also dedicated to celebrating diversity and supporting DIY culture at Ohm and is focusing on old school techno at her newest Mala Junta events. In 2016, she was selected as one of the Shape Platform’s innovative artists and has been touring through Europe since.

RELAXER  New York City based label head of Lovers Rock Recordings, Daniel Martin-McCormick, created his Relaxer project in 2016 and since then has played at several established clubs and festivals around the world including Beghain, Sustain-Release, De School and more.