Somewhen // Nur Jaber // Katie Rex

March 27, 2020

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SOMEWHEN  Berghain resident Somewhen remembers when Berlin was rough. Having grown up in the then-gritty neighborhood of Neukoln, his earliest clubbing experiences were at hip hop parties. “The biggest difference, aside from the music, was that it mostly ended up in a fight.” A broadening interest in techno quickly brought him into the hallowed club’s roster.  Yet he stays true to his roots, and for the last four years he’s distinguished himself with a versatile approach.His sets can veer between thunderous domination sessions and more loose, genre-flipping curveballs. His most recent EP “AFL” on Ostgut Ton surges with filthy rave energy.

NUR JABER  Nur Jaber pulls no punches: after relocating from Beirut to Berlin in 2010, she quickly became a resident at the legendary party STAUB, began playing regularly at Berghain and launched her own OSF label. EPs like “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “Beyond Borders” reflect the stresses and anxieties of her upbringing. “I realised how much growing up in an environment filled with constant fear of war that could break in at any moment had a great effect on my subconscious.” Her incantatory vocals and years of high level training on bass and drums give her industrial techno productions an extra dose of personality.

KATIE REX  Katie Rex stands at the intersection of exploratory sexuality and uncompromising techno. Her party series BOUND has quickly become one of NY’s most celebrated nights, celebrating sex work, the fetishwear underground and BDSM in an inclusive enviroment soundtracked by some of the most cutting edge artists in techno today. The party has recently also launched a label, bringing in remixes from Silent Servant, Minimal Violence and others. As a DJ, Rex’s roots lay in the Unter school of banging infinity: she careens through industrial, nosebleed rave and gargantuan techno.