Terence Fixmer // Volvox B2B Amanada Mussi // Latex Lucifer B2B Katie Rex

October 25, 2019

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BOUND returns with a new series circling back to our core ethos. A gaze-less space for collective indulgence.
∞Terence Fixmer
∞∞Volvox vs. Amanda Mussi
∞∞∞Latex Lucifer vs. Katie Rex

Basement NY
52-19 Flushing Ave.
Queens, NY
∞Dungeon experience all night

∞No photos

∞Fetish inspired dress code is mandatory.
We understand this is Halloween weekend, any appropriative costumes will not gain entry

∞No means no, all touching must be verbally consented to.
There will be community monitors on site, look for the red flashing pins.
Code of consent: https://www.boundnyc.com/events-1#/code-of-consent