BOUND BLACKOUT: // Brutalismus 3000 // KATIE REX // Daiyah //

May 20, 2022

** Fetish attire mandatory

BOUND Blackout is back at BASEMENT with a very special headliner. Brutalismus 3000 is the Berlin-based duo reinvigorating the sounds of gabber, digital hardcore and psychotic rave with fresh energy. Unabashedly dynamic and impeccably stylish, they’re a favorite at Paris’ Possession and a rising presence all over Europe. Tracks like “Good Girl” bring an anthemic punk fever, with screamed vocals matching the concussive kick drums. Rumble in the Ramble founder Daiyah has been steadily building up her reputation across New York. Her sound pummels with a fresh touch, keeping things saturated and laser focused. Katie Rex stands at the intersection of exploratory sexuality and uncompromising techno. Her sets mirror her curatorial vision for bound: writhing, dark and alluring techno and EBM.