Ben Sims // Tapefeed // Ne/Re/A

BEN SIMS Over the past two decades London-based DJ, producer, and label founder, Ben Sims has been a powerhouse in various arenas of underground dance music. Throughout the 90’s, this techno legend spun hip hop, house, and hardcore across raves in Essex and East London where he cultivated his reputation as a dynamic mixer who seamlessly transitioned across genres through multiple mediums including, vinyl, CDs, and software. In addition to his DJ career, Sims is revered for his label work. Established in 1997, Theory is his most celebrated label, featuring mixes by his techno contemporaries including Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock and more. Whether he is spinning at Berghain, Fabric London, Atomic Jam, or Florida 135, Sims captivates audiences with his powerful and energetic sets.

TAPEFEED Alessandro Boni and Rick Vayo make up the London-based, Italian born techno duo Tapefeed. In 2017, Tapefeed released “Dawn on The Eclipse” on Metempyschosis Records which facilitated their involvement in the international dance music scene with bookings from nightlife meccas like Printworks (London), Tresor and About Blank :/ (Berlin), as well as Gem Fest (Georgia). In 2018, the duo transformed their audio-visual project Tales Collective into a record label with the help of the London based techno collective Ossa di Mare.

NE/RE/A Hailing from the Basque Country, Nerea del Rio aka Ne/Re/A has been a leading figure in New York City’s queer underground scene since 2014. Growing up, Del Rio was influenced by punk and hard rock. Today, hardcore industrial sounds make their way into her sets. Del Rio founded Distrikt1, a monthly party at Bossa Nova Civic Club where she invites local DJs to spin dark and heavy techno sets.