BASEMENT ANNIVERSARY: Juliana Huxtable // Lydo // TT // KYRUH

May 7, 2022

BASEMENT celebrates its three year anniversary with a crew of some of our favorite NY artists. Juliana Huxtable needs no introduction: a modern icon of NY music, her work blurs the lines between DJing, sound collage, fine art, and more. Multidisciplinary to her core, her sets are some of the most daring and thrilling today. Lydo is similarly a mainstay and an undeniable presence in the booth. The X-TRA Services founder makes it look easy, working the crowd with a sure head and an unflappable confidence honed at countless raves around the city. TT’s is a figurehead for an incoming generation of club kids and ravers who are making their name in the wake of the pandemic. A BASEMENT regular, their renown has grown exponentially over the past year. KYRUH has quickly become one of the venue’s favorite artists. Her careening sets move with unbridled enthusiasm.