August 20, 2022

Justin Cudmore’s Balance parties are a perfect compliment to his DJ sets: both luxuriate in classically pumping iterations of house and techno with a tough edge and acidic tinge. This month, Noncompliant takes the reins as the headliner. The Indiana based DJ has been at it for over twenty years, working deep in the midwest underground. Her sets pummel and swing with a glorious machine funk and sense of unimpeachable defiance. Her steadfast commitment and commanding presence have rightfully earned her a global touring schedule. Mike Dearborn draws a line straight to the source: the Chicago artist established himself in dance music’s formative years and remained a presence ever since. Active since the mid-80’s, with releases on seminal labels like Trax, Djax Up Beats and Muzique, his sets stand as a testament to the timeless power of jacking percussion. Justin Cudmore fills out the lineup in a rare b2b with Altær founder Auspex. Bold yet understated with a deadly touch of sass, Cudmore will find an intriguing sparring partner in the more brutalist, granite-hard Auspex.