Balance W/ Vincent Neumann // Shaun J. Wright


VINCENT NEUMANN ■  Vincent is a psychotherapist by day and resident at one of the oldest clubs in Germany, Distillery, by night. Having been invited to play Berghain 16 times now, Neumann has built a reputation for bringing an infectious madness to the dance floor. He's also the man behind the notorious Techno The Gathering account on Instagram. He will play New York for the first time.

SHAUN J. WRIGHT ■  Shaun is an underground staple in his hometown of Chicago who has more recently been found DJing around the world. With over a decade as a creator, musician and artist, Wright came to prominence through his work with Hercules and Love Affair, and via the label Twirl he runs today with Alinka, Shaun is a champion of queer identity within dance music and outside of it. Traditionally a house DJ, Shaun recently played 2 unannounced techno sets at Buttons in Berlin to high acclaim.