Claire Morgan // Bloody Mary // Michael Magnan

March 13, 2020

FacebookResident Advisor

BLOODY MARY  Whether in her vinyl DJ sets or hardware productions, Bloody Mary's work speaks to an unflinching vision of heavy, funked-up techno rooted in the psychedelia of the 303. As the honcho behind Dame Music, she’s supplied the world with a steady stream of grimy, cavern-dweller workouts. Recently, she had the honor of reworking Phuture’s definitive “Acid Tracks.” Having entranced the NY underground, Bloody Mary returns to New York for her first set at Basement.

CLAIRE MORGAN A bubbling up favorite in Berlin and across Europe, Claire Morgan's career has wound through film music, classical performance and ambient soundscapes. Her strength lies in bringing a freshness and sense of new life, guiding you through the night with purpose and narrative. Her skills were honed in Australia, but it’s in the techno capital that her formidable style and sharp instincts have come into their own.

MICHAEL MAGNAN  Michael Magnan is a mainstay of NY's current and past queer underground. As Fatherhood, alongside fellow “rave dad” Physical Therapy, and as half of FNV, he’s brought a bumping buyonance to the city’s underground. His recent sets at Boiler Room, Holy Mountain and Nowadays’ 24 hour parties have pushed his tight-but-unabashed selections into the limelight. Magnan will open the night.