Balance: // Truncate // Shaun J Wright b2b Madison Moore // Justin Cudmore

April 15, 2022

Balance is back at BASEMENT. This time, none other than LA’s Truncate headlines. Since starting in 2010, the project has focused on stripped back, rugged takes on techno with a sly twist. Eschewing flash and fuss, Truncate delivers the goods with an audible sense of focus; you can practically hear him working a bevy of hardware drum machines and synthesizers as the tracks develop. From his debut EP “Contrasts” to last year’s “DTW 2 LAX” on esteemed Belgian imprint Token, Truncate has remained an unwavering, true school producer’s producer and a major presence in the underground. Dancer, DJ, producer and Hercules and Love Affair vocalist Shaun J. Wright goes b2b with Madison Moore, the OPULENCE co-founder and acclaimed author of “Fabulousness: The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric.” Two fearless queer icons-in-the-making, Wright and Moore’s music is more than just a style, it’s a way of being. “When I show up in a look,” says Moore, “I’m seizing space.” Organizer and Bunker / Honey Soundsystem alumni Justin Cudmore fills in the gaps perfectly. His sound mixes slinky, flirtatious acid with a classic, toughened-up techno edge. As a DJ, Cudmore has a reputation for sneak attacks, drawing on a deep knowledge of US dance and a canny knack for blending the freshest sounds with lost treasures.