aufnahme + wiedergabe: // Ancient Methods // Philipp Strobel // NE/RE/A

April 22, 2022

Berlin’s aufnahme + wiedergabe descends on BASEMENT with an absolutely menacing lineup: Ancient Methods is one of the defining voices in electronic music today. The elusive German producer’s sound blends the destructive nihilistic attack of industrial with granite-tough techno. From the bristling intensity of 2007’s “First Method,” there’s been no question of the project’s power. Ancient Methods has found collaborators as esteemed as Regis and Cindytalk and released on labels like Diagonal, Sonic Groove and Hospital Productions. aufnahme + wiedergabe founder Philipp Strobel brings the deepest EBM and goth cuts into the 21st century. His DJ mixes are frenzied descents into the deviant and licentious. Distrikt1 founder Ne/Re/A is a match for these two. Her productions and sets toe the line between full booming techo and grinding, arpeggiated dance.