Anthony Parasole // Steve Bicknell // 0.001

December 14, 2019

FacebookResident Advisor

ANTHONY PARASOLE Born and raised in Brooklyn, Anthony Parasole is no stranger to the dancers of New York. Holding residencies at both Berghain and Output for multiple years, Anthony has garnered praise both domestic and international. A former Halcyon employee, Anthony is a proficient digger, with vast knowledge and selection of dance floor weapons.

0.001 0.001 is founder and resident of Cipher, an NYC-based party dedicated to cultivating and promoting deep, psychedelic techno. She engineers earthy, vigorous sets that, in their patient unfolding, expand and dissolve phenomenological borders.

STEVE BICKNELL  Steve Bicknell has been at the forefront of the UK’s ever-growing electronic music scene since its infancy. His career, spanning over 25+ years, has seen Steve grow from his early beginnings as a young promoter and resident DJ to one of the UK’s most established, accomplished and respected techno artists credited by many as a true pioneer. When it comes to Bicknell’s productions it’s no doubt he embodies the true essence of straight to the point, no-nonsense techno characteristics he fluidly translates into his DJ sets. Reflecting on his earliest work it is clear after stepping back from producing in the mid 2000’s he was still able to maintain the same relentless energy and curiosity yet honing and evolving it into something fresh and current upon his return in 2019.