Answer Code Request // Silent Servant// January Hunt

June 10, 2022

Berlin’s Answer Code Request is one of those special artists: a slow burning talent whose work develops over time into something unmistakably their own and whose steady rise feels as natural as the seasons. The Berghain resident has released gems on Ostgut Ton and MDR. Their breakthrough 2014 album “Code” remains an integral entry into the pantheon of modern club sounds. ACR’s organic blend of steely techno, rolling breaks and emotive synths combine into a sound signature all their own, whether in the studio or behind the decks. LA’s Silent Servant, aka Juan Mendez, is another artist whose work is only enriched with time. But contrary to ACR’s dedicated elegance, Mendez has only become more and more visceral. The last years have seen EBM move from a background influence to a defining feature in his sound. Whether on his own labels like Sandwell District and Jealous God or for Hospital Productions, whether solo or b2b with artists like Helena Hauff, Mendez is fearless and thrilling without fail. NY’s own January Hunt meets the masters with a sense of wild possibility. Her works smear noise, classic dance structures and cross-genre mutations into something all her own.