January 29, 2022

France’s Anetha is a driving force in modern techno, in more ways than one. Her sets soar with the velocity of a Formula 1 car hugging the turns. Between her work as a label owner (Mama Told Ya), producer and DJ, her work explores many facets of electronic music with an apparent effortless cool. Her DJ sets are exercises in fearlessness, gliding and diving with unrestrained joy, while her label curation isn’t shy about getting a little strange. Somewhen brings a hint of the psychotic to the decks, infusing his sets with a venomous bite. The Berlin artist has frequented Berghain, where his standout sets push the room to its breaking point. A recent collaboration with Kobosil shows the two in full form, egging each other on into rave delirium. TT’s origins are in fashion, and they bring a deep sense of style to their DJ sets. Frenetic, blinding and beautiful. A recent set at Sustain-Release was a weekend highlight, while their Community Bread stream is an absolute douser.