January 22, 2022

Few artists loom as large in the modern techno landscape as Ancient Methods. The enigmatic German artist has, over the last fifteen years, helped to define the brutalist, industrial sound which so many have mimicked. Fusing the damp stoicism of the Birmingham school with the destructive stomp of Nitzer Ebb & their cohort while refining everything with expert German engineering, Ancient Methods tracks are tooled for impact in a way not many can match. It’s fitting, then, that he has collaborated with Regis as Ugandan Methods and released alongside Vatican Shadow. His work will be remembered for years as a high water mark for dark, searing techno. Berghain resident Fiedel offers an airy counterpart. His sound, honed since he began exploring DJing in the mid-80s, brings a humid strangeness to the genre, while sacrificing none of the power of his more downcast contemporaries. Fresh off the release of “On the Edge,” the new album by his duo MMM (alongside Errorsmith), he returns to BASEMENT. NY’s Daiyah is one of NY’s most exciting new voices in techno. Her mixes hiss and lunge with a spaciousness that can turn wild.