Anastasia Kristensen // John Barera

October 4, 2019

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 ANASTASIA KRISTENSEN  Anastasia is an uncompromising force of nature who brings a whirlwind of emboldened intensity that can be felt equally through her productions and DJ sets; be it stunning releases or explosive podcasts for Resident Advisor, FACT Magazine and Mixmag to name a few. As well as being a regular DJ at her home venue Culture Box and queer party Mainstream, two successful and extensive North American tours, all while holding down a packed DJ schedule across Europe among clubs like Fabric London, Säule Berghain, Bassiani and beyond.

 JOHN BARERA ■  John is a DJ, producer & label owner based in NYC. He has been active as a DJ for 15 years and his musical style weaves mostly between techno and house. Resident Advisor called him one of the "New York techno scene's hardest-working DJs." John Barera has been releasing music since 2011. He has played at clubs and events around North America and Europe including Panorama Bar, Fabric, Griessmuehle, RADION, Cafe-Gallery Tbilisi, ://about blank, Public Records, Le Bain, Good Room, Nowadays, Sublimate, Fourth World and many others.