September 9, 2022

BASEMENT: Regal / madwoman / Auspex
STUDIO: Efdemin / Lauren Flax

Altær returns to BASEMENT: Madrid’s Regal is a mainstay of modern techno. The Involve Records boss is one of the most consistent producers and DJs on the scene with an irrepressible sound that nails the lean, no-frills potentialities of the genre. Across a string of releases, he delivers one quality slammer after another, from early manifestos on his own label to high profile collabs on BPitch Control. Unflinching EPs like “Still Raving” and “Ego Wars” make no excuses for their peak-time energy. These are absolutely deadly transmissions. You’ve been warned. Stockholm-via-Berlin’s madwoman is making waves for her potent mixtures of demonically hard sound design and psychedelic explorations. With a release schedule supported by mainstays like Ismus, Brvtalist Sound Recordings and Gegen, madwoman is proving to be fully-fledged from go. Auspex is beloved in NY for weaving fraught, industrial strains and hard techno with a mysterious soulful energy. His curation at Altær reflects this, doubling down on raw power while never compromising on depth.

The multifaceted Efdemin takes over STUDIO. The Berghain resident is as comfortable working a peak time dancefloor as he is collaborating with chamber ensembles. His exploratory approach and wide open ears show in his sets & productions, which tend towards darkly hued tones and a considered, subtle force. Though his works are often richly interwoven with conceptual themes, Efdemin transcends the merely cerebral, offering a unified sound that envelops the listener in mystery. NY’s Lauren Flax is a rarity: an NY DJ who has continued to grow, evolve and thrive for over 20 years. Named DJ Mag’s 2022 Underground Hero, Flax’s reputation would be secure with or without the accolades. The Detroit-schooled artist has an uncanny command of her craft, working out dancefloors with a technically pristine, intuitively guided flow that speaks to her years of experience. It’s plain to see that, even with a CV as impressive as hers, Flax’s best years are still ahead of her.