Altær: // Fiedel // Akua // AUSPEX

June 17, 2022

Altaer throws a curveball with this one: Berghain resident Fiedel plays with techno in a way few can. His oddly shaped structures, so-rigid-they’re-funky grooves and neon hued synths give his music an uncanny quality that’s as seductive as it is strange. A DJ since the mid-80s, his mixes are fluid and fascinating; check out his Berghain 08 mix for Ostgut Ton, recorded live at a Klubnacht. The recent release of “On the Edge,” by his duo MMM (alongside Errorsmith) is a landmark work in a career filled with off-kilter highs. Discwoman’s Akua mines a secret history of loop techno. She is known for her finely attuned, coursing sound, pushing the tempo to the breaking point. Auspex fills out the lineup with a full serving of electronic sorcery. The Altaer organizer is a local favorite for his enveloping, ritualistic sets.