September 3, 2022

BASEMENT: Sugar / Ezy / TT
STUDIO: Schacke / Peachlyfe

Copenhagen’s emergent Fast Forward crew descends on BASEMENT with some of the most exciting names in high velocity 21st century technoid futurist manglings. Fast Forward co-founder Sugar makes their return to BASEMENT following a headlining appearance in June. Their productions defy genre norms, alternating between sleek 4x4, frenetic IDM and snarling drill ‘n’ bass, while their sets balance their wide-open experimentation with tightly-controlled pacing. Ezy matches the high tempos with a spacious sense of restraint and a coursing, slow-burn intensity. NY’s legend-in-the-making TT offers a distinctly US iteration of the FF sound. Pantherine and menacing, their sets bristle with a cold, psychedelic edge.

Schacke takes over with an extended STUDIO set. The multi-modal artist connects the dots from slamming techno to eurodance, uniting seemingly-disparate threads with his fearless creativity. Massively celebrated in 2019 for his seminal “Kisloty People,” Schacke has proven to be much more than a one-hit-wonder. Peachlyfe has quickly become a staple at BASEMENT, their sets mainlining full throttle energy to match their standout productions. In a rapidly-evolving musical landscape, Fast Forward has established itself as a pillar. The crew has reshaped techno into into something garish but beautiful, fast but alluring and unapologetically queer. As Schacke described it in 2019, it’s “the birth of the new Copenhagen techno scene.”