999999999 // Parallx // Joey Quiñones

February 1, 2020

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999999999 Since their debut release in 2016, Italy’s 999999999 has quickly established themselves as one of the leading acts in acid techno’s recent revival. The duo’s productions and improvisatory live sets embrace a lean, distilled sound, building massive structures from a minimum of materials. Pounding kick drums and flickering percussion bolster tightly coiled dental-drill 303 lines and rave calls-to-arms. 2019 saw them playing nearly every weekend at clubs and festivals around the world, and 2020 shows no signs of stopping. 


PARALLX  Discovered in 2017 by Berghain resident Kobosil, Parallx’s productions slather ‘80s darkwave and ‘90s rave with a thick layer of modern sludge. Tracks like “Dark Hours” and “Red Clouds” are corrupted anthems, throbbing with deviant energy. His work made an immediate impression, and that same year he was voted #3 newcomer of the year by Groove Magazine. Since then, he’s continued to push his sound deeper into the red. Last year’s “RP4” sounds like a dungeon dweller’s dream, a whiplash inducing power trip unleashed with cruel intent. 


JOEY QUIÑONES  Joey Quiñones has quickly become a mainstay in BK’s thriving queer techno underground. His sets Unter, Gegen, Horse Meat Disco and other seminal parties bask in the lurid, drooling and perverse.